The Growing Need for Custom Single-Family Homes

19 Dec

Are you thinking about an add on home accessory living unit? Before hiring, we have gathered top recommendations for quality in ADU contractors to search for. This brief article will aid you with one of the biggest considerations in constructing an ADU.

First: What are Accessory dwelling units (ADU's)? These are homes that are designed as an extension of a home and have the look and feel of a regular apartment, but are built in an airplane hangar or converted industrial building. Many of these homes are constructed by contracted Angeles contractors, but there are a number of specialty companies in the LA area that build custom ADU models.

Next: ADU's can be used in traditional housing, as well as specialty architecture, and manufactured residential dwellings, i.e., conversions. Specialty housing uses flexible floor plans, and is most commonly used to build housing communities in undeveloped areas. The flexibility of the design allows residents to be able to reconfigure the layout of the community without having to worry about disturbing the existing neighbors. Moreover, flexible floor plans allow more floor plans per house and therefore more homes for each lot. Most specialty ADU builders will provide free quotes for their services in this category.

Also: How many bedrooms does the addition must have? Some ADU's are constructed smaller than a standard single story home, which requires additional square footage, or a significant upgrade in floor plans. In addition, most ADU's are constructed on site at the manufacturing facility, rather than on the property of the homebuyer. As stated above, most specialty ADU builders will gladly give a free quote for the number of bedrooms the addition will contain.

Third: The number and complexity of the designs produced by these builders can vary widely. Usually, the goal of most ADU's is to build housing that are aesthetically pleasing, balanced in functionality, and respectful of the surrounding environment. However, because of the current building boom in Los Angeles, there are developers who are creating designs that are more "standard" in scale and function. As a result, not all ADU's can truly satisfy the needs of the growing regional housing crisis. If you're in the market for an eco-friendly, energy efficient, and "green" built dwelling, be sure to check out the design specifications before you commit to any contract. You can check out this company for the best single-family homes construction.

So, what are your needs? Do you need single-family homes, duplexes, town homes, apartments, or a combination of all? What size of dwelling do you need? The answers to your questions can be found below. The information provided herein is intended for reference purposes only and is not intended to be used as, in place of or in conjunction with professional financial or real estate advice relating to the purchase of commercial or residential real estate. You can learn more about this topic at

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